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Simply Seasonal
Easy Crafts for Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn

Here's what I think:
Making crafts shouldn't be intimidating, frustrating and ridiculously expensive.
It should be fun, relaxing - a great escape from the stresses of daily life.
It should be about sharing - ideas, skills and time - with friends, family, children.
This is what my book, Simply Seasonal - Easy Crafts for Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn is all about.

It's unique projects for children and adults (with an emphasis on recycling and easy-to-get materials).

It's simple-to-follow instructions that give people who've never plugged in a glue gun, the confidence to try. 

It's great results every time. So you can be proud of the craft you've made and not have to hide it in the closet. 

It's filled with full-colour photos of each craft so you can see what I did and make it even better.

It's for beginners. It's for super crafters.  It's for everyone.

It's about a journey, and the passion you find along the way.

I hope you love it!
- Jennifer Roos
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